Dorothy Perkins PU Biker Jacket

WOMEN Dorothy Perkins PU Biker Jacket

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  • Barborka Stranger NEXT review Barborka Stranger 13 months ago
    I have ordered my first order from After I finished my order I got an information that my order will be delivered at 11.11.19, the order arrived EXACTLY that day. EVERYTHING in the package was really good quality despite some of the items were on sale for only 3 . One thing that concerned me was, that only information about my order was a confirmation email. There was no order id and I couldn't see any information about it in my account on the website, no tracking info, nothing. I don't know how would I approach if I needed refund or something. For that matter I give this site 4/5 stars. I do recommend shopping here and I will definitely shop here again.
  • Vintarus Proximus NEXT review Vintarus Proximus 42 months ago
    I love their children clothes, trey are nice, good quality and cheap, and the delivery is faster than anywhere else, even if I would order within my own country. Vandaag bestelld, morgen thuis is echt geldig hier