Ivory Rose Curve non padded lace balconette bra in dusty pink

WOMEN Ivory Rose Curve non padded lace balconette bra in dusty pink

Arrived this week
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ASOS reviews
  • Patricia Benson ASOS review Patricia Benson 2 hours ago
    I can t express how helpful my advisor was this morning she was patient and helpful. She understood my issue immediately and was reassuring but also kind and efficient when helping me resolve an ongoing matter that I have spent weeks trying to resolve . It s absolutely reinstalled my faith in the Asos customer call centre .
  • Sharon Gobel ASOS review Sharon Gobel 7 hours ago
    I was a bit skeptical about leaving a message on messenger, but was extremely happy they responded. Thank you
  • Stan Dclerii ASOS review Stan Dclerii 10 hours ago
    Gave a straight answer. We talked about an Item I ordered few hours ago. Not more than 5 hours ago. And he was helpful the best way he could. Also was straight with me. But it was sad that the answer was not what I expected.
  • Meitar Brauner ASOS review Meitar Brauner 12 hours ago
    I reached out to Asos s costumer service due to a faulty item that I ve received. They replied quickly, gave me the right solution and made sure I am aware of it the next day. just wonderful Makes me want to purchase on Asos more often (if that s possible ) thank you so much
  • Bree Sinfield ASOS review Bree Sinfield 23 hours ago
    Zeus was very helpful with my enquiry. I was missing items and had a damaged item. He was very quick to resolve my issues and I now have replacements being sent to me. Very happy with this quick customer service and resolution.