Satin Cowl Neck Shoulder Pad Blouse

WOMEN Satin Cowl Neck Shoulder Pad Blouse

Arrived this month
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BOOHOO reviews
  • Jodie Smith BOOHOO review Jodie Smith 2 hours ago
    Boohoo team is amazing. Did not receive my order even though delivery said it had arrived. They sent out my order agian and refunded me on an item that was no longer in stock. I spoke to Morgan siona and Mo via facebook and they where so helpful. Thanks guys xx
  • Claire Flanagan BOOHOO review Claire Flanagan 5 hours ago
    Amazing service from Hadeequa... Site froze on payment screen. Lost out on 20% off everything code.. Messaged via Whatsapp Hadeequa solved issue with 10 mins. Fantastic service. Can't wait for my purchase
  • Kerrie Irwin BOOHOO review Kerrie Irwin 14 hours ago
    My order couldn't be delivered due to courier issues but I was kept fully up to date via their WhatsApp help and when I cancelled my order Sophie C replied straight away confirming the refund had been processed. No waiting 24/48 hours. I love their clothes so will deffo always be ordering from them. Best customer service
  • Angela Bourrage BOOHOO review Angela Bourrage 14 hours ago
    Boohoo does a great job by making their consumers satisfied. I didn't recieve half of my order and they refunded my money with no problem for items that sold out. They also sent my entire order again. I was trying to return my surplus items and had issues. Today Anisa X helped me solve my issue by explaining that if I'm having issues returning the items it's already taken care of. This helped me know that this company cares about customer's happiness.
  • Michael Westenskow BOOHOO review Michael Westenskow 24 hours ago
    Omg i am in love with them they are so nice i was wanting to collab with them and they helped me through it all. They are truly a miracle in this world we are living in right now, Shoutout to Emma and everyone else on the team, You guys have done amazing keep up the great work