Wednesday's Girl Curve long sleeve raglan t-shirt nightgown with embroidered heart

WOMEN Wednesday's Girl Curve long sleeve raglan t-shirt nightgown with embroidered heart

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ASOS reviews
  • Nime Lakoju ASOS review Nime Lakoju 4 hours ago
    Leah was patient and resourceful. She listened to me and made me feel heard then sought to help me successfully. Thank you
  • Jasper Song ASOS review Jasper Song 2 days ago
    The system is a little buggy, and took me through twice before I actually got to chat with someone. Once through, I spoke with Cameron, who was very helpful, and resolved my question very promptly.
  • Zoe Moorton ASOS review Zoe Moorton 2 days ago
    PaulAlbert & Maria both patiently and quickly helped me with a refund when I kept getting cut out from the chat (my fault) thanks so much for being such good customer service So refreshing to be able to get something done so quickly and with such nice people
  • Tyler Marie Dickinson ASOS review Tyler Marie Dickinson 2 days ago
    When first speaking to an advisor, I was waiting at least 5-10 minutes for a reply to my response and she wasn't the least bit helpful. After complaining about the terrible service, I got transferred over to a different advisor who was wonderful. She assures me that the product I was trying to order is indeed eligible for the promotion that wouldn't work at checkout and reassured me that they'd find a way to make it work for me. In 20 minutes she was much more helpful and resolved the issue unlike the previous member who was still fannying around at 45 minutes.
  • Caitlin Gadsby ASOS review Caitlin Gadsby 3 days ago
    I received a parcel where the outer box was damaged, as well as a candle inside. The glass surrounding the candle was completely shattered. I wanted a refund but felt it would be unsafe to return the candle due to the glass. Dianne from ASOS customer care was very helpful and processed a refund without me needing to return the item.