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WOMEN adidas Originals New Neutrals logo body in beige

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ASOS reviews
  • Naomi Staunton-Downey ASOS review Naomi Staunton-Downey 2 hours ago
    ASOS have really stepped up their game on their customer service chat function. I had previously dealt with some really unhelpful and sometimes rude customer service advisors that I was convinced was a chatbot. Over the past 12 months they have changed dramatically, super polite, helpful and understanding.
  • Jo Hughes ASOS review Jo Hughes 14 hours ago
    Great service all round from ASOS From orders to returns I ve found it excellent It s my first go to clothing supplier for me and my son.
  • Kelly De ASOS review Kelly De 23 hours ago
    Louise was timely, kind, professional and reassuring. Really appreciated having her helping me with my issue. She was thorough in letting me know that it was all going to be sorted and okay in the end. Thanks Louise.
  • Clare Gage ASOS review Clare Gage 2 days ago
    The customer service adviser Jeraly was excellent. They answered all of my queries really clearly and arranged for a refund. I will definitely use ASOS again for myself and not not just to buy my daughter's clothes Thank you.
  • charlotte arachnia ASOS review charlotte arachnia 2 days ago
    Asos customer care team are very quick to reply and very swift at resolving issues I order alot from them,not just for myself but for gifts for friends etc Its not often something goes wrong ( if it does its usually the courier not asos lol ) but today a technical error meant I paid for an order that diddnt exist ( I had no order number ) but the payment had gone through on my paypal. I used the instant chat service and Armae was very kind and let me know asos would cancel the payment and any funds would be back with me within 2 days. They also let me know if there were any more issues to get back to them with the paypal transaction number and they would sort it. I hate clothes shopping in shops and i also have 2 young children with special needs so home shopping is a much more comfortable option for me. Really appreciate asos and their fuss free returns A suggestion though - please have a gift option on the checkout when your buying for someone else - i often buy for others and have i...