New Balance Transform Racerback Tank

WOMEN New Balance Transform Racerback Tank

Arrived in August
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  • Linda Nguyen NORDSTROM review Linda Nguyen 20 days ago
    My experience with has mainly been pleasant. They have the BEST refund policy there is. Refunds are free and there is no time limit on refunds issued. There were a few occasions where I encountered mishaps, but it's so far and in between that it doesn't deter from my shopping experience. One time, an order didn't arrive (small ring), and I didn't catch it in time. Apparently, they only allow 30 days for you to review your items and notice anything missing. Easy if you only buy a few items, but during Christmas time, when many items are purchased, it's hard to keep track of little items such as a ring. They didn't issue me a refund for the ring that never arrived. Good thing it wasn't too expensive, otherwise, I'd be fuming. Another mishap occurred when I ordered 300 Beats headphones. It wasn't what I expected, so I sent it back for a refund. After months of not getting a refund, I contacted customer service and they could NOT locate the order. Luckily, I had saved the rec...
  • Aleko Babunashvili NORDSTROM review Aleko Babunashvili 25 days ago
    This is the best method to shopping. If u are lazy and don't want to came out this online shopping is for you. Everything on this site is perfect i am glad about finding this website to shopping
  • Rose Hodges NORDSTROM review Rose Hodges 1 months ago
    Its mid August 2020. I needed a new bra. I always go to Nordstom. I bought 2 bras and had to go home to try them on since Covid won't allow dressing rooms. I went back to exchange the bra for a different color and wanted only one bra. there was confussion on check out. When I got home I could not find the bra in the bag, only tissue paper. So I went back and they said I was on video and that the bag as packed with the bra and I walked out. For the life of me I could not find that bra I then bravely called the Manager and she sent me a new bra I think the squeaky wheel gets the oil But I love Nordstroms
  • customer NORDSTROM review customer 3 months ago
    Great customer service and gave me a large credit increase because I paid on time. I love have a Nordstrom card and hope after Covid-19 they don't have to close too many stores because they are the cream of the crop.
    Easy to buy and return. I bought a Valentino sneakers, and I received my package in a good decent timing due to COVID. However it did no fit as expected, and I had to return it. The return was easy and I got my refund.