Sixth June Plus oversized trench coat with plaid back panel

WOMEN Sixth June Plus oversized trench coat with plaid back panel

Arrived this week
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ASOS reviews
  • Hala Jebeile ASOS review Hala Jebeile 3 hours ago
    Very straightforward. The conversation helped to solve the issue in a timely manner. Very professional but with sympathy to the issue.
  • Demi Chrichlow ASOS review Demi Chrichlow 21 hours ago
    I had an issue with an incorrect refund. Quickly used the online chat to speak with Arianne May, who was an absolute treasure, resolved all the issues and got me my refund. Great customer service
  • Megan McKee ASOS review Megan McKee 22 hours ago
    I spoke to two agents, Graham and PearlyMae. Both agents were quick to reply and extremely helpful. My first chat was cut off because of technical issues on my side and is no fault of PearlyMae. 10/10 service.
  • Negam Ouinn ASOS review Negam Ouinn 24 hours ago
    Order was missing an item, and I dreaded proving that something wasnt there, but I got in touch via the ASOS chat. Spoke with Sherwin who was so friendly and helpful, and without hassle helped arrange a refund for my missing item in a matter of minutes )
  • Paul Taiwo ASOS review Paul Taiwo 1 days ago
    Adien was very helpful today I really appreciate all your support and advice towards my little issue with my order.