Collective the label petite exclusive crystal button crop

asos women

asos women

Collective the Label Petite exclusive crystal button crop top in lilac heart - part of a set

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WOMEN Collective the Label Petite exclusive crystal button crop top in lilac heart - part of a set

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  • Lynn McCraw ASOS review Lynn McCraw asos review, 2 hours ago
    Excellent customer care I had an issue with Hermes delivering an order which ended up being sent back to ASOS, this was a large order and I had used a 20% discount code. Contacted ASOS and the customer care team arranged for a replacement code to enable me to reorder the items again Excellent service
  • Ibtissem Pelletier ASOS review Ibtissem Pelletier asos review, 5 hours ago
    I had some issues with a refund. I was really surprised with the service. Problem was resolved in a few seconds. Thanks ASOS.I order from Canada and really really enjoy purchasing from them Despite the fees of delivery it worth it.
  • Katie Michelle ASOS review Katie Michelle asos review, 15 hours ago
    I queried a lost returned item. I was asked information about the refund and was swiftly resolved with further information
  • Katja Oakley-Bell ASOS review Katja Oakley-Bell asos review, 15 hours ago
    Spoke with Harry on the online chat just now. He was very helpful and addressed my issue (my fault) straight away.
  • Gabe Knopf ASOS review Gabe Knopf asos review, 16 hours ago
    I had the privilege of speaking with delisara. Who got the whole issue sorted under 4 mins. Really really helpful straightforward answers

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