Ghost harlow short sleeved satin shirt in baby pink asos

asos women

asos women

Ghost Harlow short sleeved satin shirt in baby pink

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WOMEN Ghost Harlow short sleeved satin shirt in baby pink

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asos reviews

  • Beth Cutting ASOS review Beth Cutting asos review, 7 hours ago
    Despite ASOS having an error with my order Pauline was clear and efficient at handling my complaint.
  • Jen Watt ASOS review Jen Watt asos review, 15 hours ago
    Got through really quickly to the ASOS team. John was very helpful and friendly. Resolved my issue to my satisfaction.
  • Sarah Spanswick ASOS review Sarah Spanswick asos review, 16 hours ago
    The customer service I received was really impressive. An item I received had shrunk after one wash so Asos agreed to refund it straight away. The customer assistant I spoke to was really polite and happy to help.
  • Holly Hilton ASOS review Holly Hilton asos review, 18 hours ago
    I had a problem with the delivery of an order and although the issue couldn t be fixed. The person on the live chat (Cat) was extremely helpful about telling me what I should do next and also made me feel a lot better about the situation. Cat was extremely helpful hope she has a fab day xx - Holly
  • caroline ASOS review caroline asos review, 2 days ago
    I had a issue with missing items and ASOS sorted it out quickly with no issues. Great customer service

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