Little boys 2-piece dump truck fleece top with fleece pant

macys kids

macys kids

Little Boys 2-Piece Dump Truck Fleece Top with Fleece Pant Set

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KIDS Little Boys 2-Piece Dump Truck Fleece Top with Fleece Pant Set

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  • Sarah J. MACYS review Sarah J. macys review, 1 days ago
    I like going to Macy's to buy certain types of jewelry, I have been going there for years and I always seem to find beautiful things there, I had bought my daughter gorgeous earrings and a matching ring too. That was 5 years ago and the earrings and the ring still look great. I have a lot of necklaces that I bought there too and a few rings. They hold up so well too. I do like going there because the people are always helpful.
  • Angela Collins-Hawkins MACYS review Angela Collins-Hawkins macys review, 11 days ago
    I love macys service, discounts. How clean the restrooms are and the great customer service i receive with a Smile
  • Ameera Domonique MACYS review Ameera Domonique macys review, 28 days ago
    I would say that Macy's customer service is wayyyy better than most companies. You can tell the way they interact with their customers, they genuinely want to keep them happy and coming back. I had quite a few issues where one of my problems was not resolved, but it was quickly handled and every customer service individual was nice and accommodating. No one is perfect, I have had a rough time and quite a few issues from not being able to use my macys money on the app, returning and buying back things to use the macys money, shipping and what not. However, I will say it is the holiday season, and of all of the companies I have had major customer service issues, Macys handled it the best and QUICKLY Thanks Macys
  • Lori L Lavendar MACYS review Lori L Lavendar macys review, 1 months ago
    I ordered a weighted blanket which the color is now out of stock. Who ever pulled invoice got it mixed up with another order from Kohl's. I received that, to have UPS pick up was 15. I am so mad there was this screw up. Who ever has my blanket is probably jumping for joy. Was told if the blanket was available again I would be able to purchase this discount price. THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN My xmas gift for myself. Ugh
  • Maya Dubois MACYS review Maya Dubois macys review, 1 months ago
    Customer care was quite helpful. Delivery time was optimal and my order is in good shape and top quality. Glad the low interest loan from (www. jkpfinancellc .com) I used in getting this didn't go to waste.

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