Moda minx velour bodysuit with shoulder pad detail and

asos women

asos women

Moda Minx velour bodysuit with shoulder pad detail and sweatpants in champagne

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WOMEN Moda Minx velour bodysuit with shoulder pad detail and sweatpants in champagne

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asos reviews

  • Justine Wheal ASOS review Justine Wheal asos review, 9 hours ago
    Love Asos, the choice is fantastic and delivery is A*, I ordered at 8pm and got my items by 9 30am the next day. Easy and free returns too. I use this site again and again, the only problem is I'm running out of space in my wardrobe
  • Danouta Antwi ASOS review Danouta Antwi asos review, 15 hours ago
    Jelaine was very helpful and polite, whilst helping resolve my issue with a return. Jelaine answered all my questions, asked relevent ones and supported me through the whole processes. Shout outs to Jelaine. You're awesome So is ASOS, not forgetting to thank John also- initially John was helping me, but technical difficulties ended the chat. But Jelaine for the save. Cheers people's.
  • Shiping Jeow ASOS review Shiping Jeow asos review, 2 days ago
    RellyMay was fast and efficient Tried chatting with two other support staffs before her on different occasion but still did not solve my problem. RellyMay understood my problem and solved it almost instantly. Thanks alot
  • Jessica Wong ASOS review Jessica Wong asos review, 2 days ago
    For such a big company with loads of stock, im surprised at how they've managed theyre orders/customer service. Ordered countless times from her and never had any issue with delivery, quality and quantity of items. Asos branded clothes themselves can be hit or miss but they do have loads of other brands to shop for. Cant go wrong tbh. Really happy with delivery times too
  • Gaby Vella ASOS review Gaby Vella asos review, 3 days ago
    I had an issue with my return, which was taking quite long. I got in touch with customer care and they immediately helped me out.

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