V neck crop top with ruched front in red asos

asos women

asos women

v neck crop top with ruched front in red

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WOMEN v neck crop top with ruched front in red

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  • Lacey Grimshaw ASOS review Lacey Grimshaw asos review, 3 hours ago
    After having a very stressful and frustrating experience with an ASOS delivery, Graeme was so helpful. He was very polite and definitely managed to talk me through a difficult situation. He was probably the most helpful person through this whole experience.
  • Natasha Evans ASOS review Natasha Evans asos review, 4 hours ago
    A pair of sandals I bought last month, (were lovely to look at, but unfortunately not great quality) snapped today, I contacted ASOS support and spoke to an advisor called Regyn, who very quickly and efficiently understood my complaint and dealt with it in the way that I had hoped Thank you so much for such a speedy response and for sorting me a refund for this faulty item I look forward to purchasing some new sandals when I receive the money )
  • Katie O'rourke ASOS review Katie O'rourke asos review, 6 hours ago
    I managed to speak to someone very quickly and I managed to get my problem resolved and have an investigation opened. Great customer service
  • Marin Salumets ASOS review Marin Salumets asos review, 6 hours ago
    I had problems with my refund and David was really kind to explain to me, what might have been the problem and gave me instructions to follow next.
  • Steph Hughes ASOS review Steph Hughes asos review, 8 hours ago
    I had missed the returns window due to being busy and life generally getting in the way I chatted to James Robert through the online chat who was super helpful and friendly and organised the return for me. Made me day as I was worried I wouldn t be able to return and would lose the money. Couldn t have asked for a more helpful customer service assistant. 10/10

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