Petite slinky racerback high leg bodysuit nastygal

nastygal women

nastygal women

Petite Slinky Racerback High Leg Bodysuit

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WOMEN Petite Slinky Racerback High Leg Bodysuit

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nastygal reviews

  • Dahoud Retroit NASTYGAL review Dahoud Retroit nastygal review, 2 days ago
    I was expecting the best, but I got the opposite, I almost gave up, until I got helped by Mr Andrew , thanks to him for everything you.You can recover every bit you lost. Get the peace of mind you deserve.
  • Bella Hill NASTYGAL review Bella Hill nastygal review, 4 days ago
    I accidentally wrote in the wrong address when I confirmed my order this morning, I realised 2 hours later, so I quickly emailed and FB messaged (I wasn't sure what one was best so did both) and Jude K responded to me in half an hour saying that my address had been amended. A big relief from me and a quick turn around on their end so I'm happy
  • Ellie Taylor NASTYGAL review Ellie Taylor nastygal review, 5 days ago
    Placed an order and was delivered the next morning. One item, some boots, (which were lovely), had some marks on so I spoke to Jayne on customer chat- super helpful, offered an immediate partial refund to aid cleaning and was very responsive and easy to deal with
  • becquerel NASTYGAL review becquerel nastygal review, 5 days ago
    I ve ordered a few times from Nasty Gal, overall it s... okay. Customer service is exactly like the quality of their clothing very hit or miss. Their size chart heavily favors slimmer bodies with no curve, so if you ve got pear shaped hips or something like that, be prepared for your pants to be either too small or too large (especially for high waisted pants. ones that fit over my hips were too big for my waist, and vice versa). I do have a handful of pieces I love, but they re definitely worth whatever 50-90% off sales they do, so don t be fooled by what seems like a good deal. Just because they strike out that original 80 price tag on a cute dress doesn t mean it s worth 80, or that it will even look like the picture. There are many instances of their clothing looking entirely different length, sleeves, color, neckline, etc just being NOTICEABLY different, and if you ask a customer service agent if the item you received is maybe faulty or older design, they just brush you off becaus...
  • Hannah Woods NASTYGAL review Hannah Woods nastygal review, 9 days ago
    I had a problem with my order and Millie T was an absolute babe and sorted it out with me without a second thought Never had anything solved so quickly, seriously impressed Thankyou again x

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