Woven ruffle collar smock blouse boohoo

boohoo women

boohoo women

Woven Ruffle Collar Smock Blouse

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WOMEN Woven Ruffle Collar Smock Blouse

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boohoo reviews

  • Sav BOOHOO review Sav boohoo review, 6 hours ago
    I absolutely love BooHoo however some of the material can be on the cheap side, I brought some leggings and they tore within minutes and a skirt that came broken but easily fixed, the black material can be quite see through when stretched too so be careful of that, those are the only problems I ve faced during years of using boohoo. I recommend purchasing the premier - unlimited next day delivery (found in accessories) as I paid 7.99 and got my moneys worth, it lasts a year too and it saves a lot of money if you like to order often. Definitely recommend
  • Sar Pass BOOHOO review Sar Pass boohoo review, 6 hours ago
    Danielle S was very helpful today when I had an issue with an item I sent back which hadn't been refunded. She acted straight away and replied in a timely manner Thanks
  • Joanne Kaja Troy BOOHOO review Joanne Kaja Troy boohoo review, 17 hours ago
    Spoke to Sarah m today and Ronald and what amazing people they are.boohoo what a bunch of lovely people you have on your team
  • Michelle Cooper BOOHOO review Michelle Cooper boohoo review, 18 hours ago
    Used them for years, Excellent service from start to finish ,I was surprised to see they have a WhatsApp account and solved my query straight away. Thanks Robyn.
  • Kirsty-Louise Card BOOHOO review Kirsty-Louise Card boohoo review, 19 hours ago
    I order from Boohoo often and on very rare occasions do I have any issues. Most recently I required a partial refund of one of my orders due to an item in the co-ord set being missing. However, Jecy was very helpful and issued it for me right away in discussions on Twitter. Mistakes with orders can happen when ordering from anywhere but I m pleased I got it sorted quickly

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